Flash Photo Gallery

If you are a web designer or a webmaster, you often need to put nice looking a photo gallery in your website.  You don’t have to hire a coder to do it for you.  There is a list of easy-to-customize flash photo galleries you can find in this article:

20 Free Flash Gallery Solutions for Your Images

Converting Video Files from any Format to any Format

How is converting video file format important?

1) If you works involves dealing with mulitmedia content, it’s  a pain when your clients send you a video of a foreign file format and expect you to work on it.

2) You want to put a video on your cell phone or iphone so you can enjoy it when you’re taking the bus.

Here’s a perfect for video file format conversion: SUPER – free video converter

Photoshop Tutorial: Turning Your Picture into a Puzzle

We have a PowerPoint template that has a nice looking puzzle in it:


It’s not a real photo of a puzzle.  We make the puzzle with Photoshop.  We are going to screencap every step and write a tutorial on this because we actually found a great tutorial for this on someone’s website.  It’s a good step-by-step tutorial with screencap on every step:

Photoshop Puzzle Effect


Free Stock Photo

As a blogger or a web designer, you always have a need for stock photo that is free for download and legal to put on your blog or website.

Here are two websites where you can find the good freebies:

1) Dreamstimes

2) stock.xchng

How to download Youtube video and convert to mp3

There are times when I just want to grab the audio part of a Youtube video and save it as an mp3 file in my computer, so I can listen to it anytime I like without Internet access.

I found a very easy-to-use Free YouTube to MP3 Converter that can do exactly what I want.

How to tint (change color) with Photoshop?

You see how we have some PowerPoint templates in our website that have the same design but with different colors.  How do we do that?  We tint it with Photoshop.  Here’s how:

1) Open the original picture with Photoshop

2) Change your original picture to greyscale:  Image > Mode > Grayscale

3) Change the mode back to RGB: Image > Mode > RGB

4) Select the layer and apply the photo filter (refer to the following picture):


5) Select “Color”, Change Density to 100%, select your desired color, click OK (refer to the following picture):


It’s done.  If you want to apply the exact same photo filter to another picture, simple duplicate the photo filter layer and put it on top of the other picture.

How to turn off that annoying beep sound of Windows Vista

My laptop comes with Windows Vista, and the most annoying about it is that the system beep sound is turned on by default.  Beep, beep, beep, beep, eveytime I do something wrong, I hear that high-pitch annoying sound.  I have been looking for ways to turn it off.  I have no luck until I find the following tutorial.  I hope that saves your ears from that painful sound.

Disable System Beep

Best Combination of Freewares and Free Resources for a Startup

As a startup, one thing you must learn is to minimize your cost without affecting your performance. There are lots of great freewares and free resources nowadays that their quality is very close to or even better than the paid programs.

Let me tell you what freewares and free resources you can use to replace the expensive ones.

1) Word Processing: Open Office
The Open Office is basically a free version of MS-office. I still think MS-office is a little better because I am so used to it but the Open Office is free and there are more and more people using it now.

2) Email and Calender: Google Apps (including Gmail for organization, Google Calendar and much more)
Gmail for organization allows you to use gmail for your company’s email sending and receiving.  (i.e. you can use john@yourdomain.com on a gmail system, exactly like you are using gmail)  Google Calendar is a web-based, sharable calendar for scheduling.

3) Image Editing: GIMP
Basically a free photoshop like software. It can do what you need unless you are an advanced graphic designer.

4) Virus and Spyware Scanning and Removal: Free ESET online scanner
This is a powerful, updated, and free web-based virus and spyware scanning and removal tool.  Based on my experience, it’s much more powerful than a lot of expensive virus and spyware removal software.

2 simple and useful windows vista gadgets

I am not a windows vista fan at all. Indeed, i don’t like it, it’s too slow. Sadly my laptop comes with Windows Vista. Oh well, I will live with it and try to find the good things about it. Yeah, the black theme is kind of cool. And…the gadgets on the sidebar may be useful. Here are two that I think are quite useful:

1) MCG Calculatora simple calculator that has just the right size. It’s perfect for quick and easy calculation such as helping your girl friend to find the discounted price of a pair of jeans.

2) PowerDoa to-do list gadget to let you keep track of what you have on your to-do list. It is just what you need for a to-do list.

Batch Resize and Crop Image Freeware

Something that everyone just hates doing is to crop and resize a bunch of image. Probably what you want to do is to make every image in a folder into a standard thumbnail size for your website.

No worries, with the right tool, you don’t have to resize and crop the images one by one. You can batch crop and resize. Here are the right free tools to do the right job for you:

1) For batch cropping: JPEGCrops
2) For batch resizing: Fotosizer