Start and End a First-Class Presentation with Inspiring Quotes

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The journey to become a first-class speaker is not easy. One technique we should master is to effectively use inspiring quotes to enrich the quality of our presentations. To really make a difference in your presentation, the best places to use inspiring quotes are the introduction and the conclusion.

First-class speakers sometimes like to start their presentations with inspiring and motivating quotes. 99% of the time, the chosen quotes are related to their own topics because using an inspiring quote to start a presentation gives them the opportunity to:

  • Set the right atmosphere in the room:
    You are not necessary the only and first speaker in a conference. Eight out of ten speeches are boring or unprofessional. To differentiate yourself from others, the number one task you need to do is to inspire, motivate and wake up your audience. An inspiring and motivating quote helps you achieve this purpose and get your audience mentally checked-in again.
  • Opportunity to leverage off a famous person"s credibility:
    A quote written by a famous person is always assumed to be theoretically correct. Thus, it is a wise move to choose a related quote that could support your ideas.
  • Give an overall theme for your subsidiary points
    If you are able to choose a quote that stands for the overall theme of your presentation, you will be able to naturally use it as an umbrella to organize your subsidiary points.

On the other hand, first-class speakers always have their ways to summarize and close their presentations nicely. And, an inspiring quote helps you achieve this purpose.

“It often happens that the quotations constitute the most valuable part of a book.” - Vicesimus Knox

This is why an inspiring quote often appears at the end of a presentation. If you are able to deliver a first-class presentation and choose the right quote that summarizes your thoughts, you and your ending quote will stay and last long in your audience’s mind. I have personally seen an internal change agent using the following quote to inform audience to implement changes immediately at the end of the presentation:

“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best is now.” - Chinese proverb

The change agent was able to get the overall message across nicely and effectively call for action at the end. I personally would like to use this quote to call for your action and end this article as well. If you have not tried or mastered using a quote to start or end your presentation yet, this is the best time to start. Don’t wait for your next presentation opportunity. Do it this time!

Tips on Choosing the Right Inspiring Quotes:

  • Avoid choosing an inspiring quote that is too long:
    your audience might have fallen asleep before you finish reading your quote. Choose a quote that is catchy, easy to remember, yet not very long.
  • Avoid choosing an inspiring quote that is too common and typical:
    you want to give a personal attachment to the quote. A quote that is too typical won’t help you to leave a long lasting message in your audience’s minds when everybody else is using it.
  • Try to choose a quote that could blend in your overall theme:
    The better the quote represents your ideas, the easier it is for your audience to remember it after your presentation.

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